Abydos ware

First found in an Egyptian royal tomb in Abydos, Abydos Ware has since been found […]

Ancient Egyptian artwork

Early Dynastic period Dynasty I artwork Tomb of Den Abydos The most elaborate Dynasty I […]

Ancient Egyptian royal burials

Early Dynastic era The First and Second Dynasties were characterized by funerary Enclosures (mainly Abydos) […]

Ancient Egyptian scribal education

Through the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms, Egyptian education underwent a growth that both drove […]

Ancient Egyptian technology

Ancient Egyptians tended to adopt and refine imported technologies rather than invent new ones themselves. […]

Egyptian king Amunhotep III

Artists working for King Amunhotep III (circa 1390 – 1352 BC) were simultaneously conservative and […]

Egyptian king Djoser

Entrance ColonnadeThis was the first use of columns, with engaged columns on either side of […]

Egyptian king Shishak

[25] In the fifth years of King Rehoboam, Shishak king of Egypt attacked Jerusalem. [26] […]

Egyptian king Snefru

Meidum PyramidBuilt at Meidum, this was the first pyramid of Snefru. Began as a seven-step […]

Egyptian king Taharqa

Granite ram of Amun with King Taharqa. Dynasty 25, 690-664 BC. From Kawa in Nubia. […]

Kadesh Treaty

The Kadesh Treaty was established ~1269 BC between Hittite king Hattusilis III and Egyptian pharaoh […]

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