Ancient Egyptian afterlife

Beliefs on the afterlife evolved over time, with each major notion first articulated for the […]

Ancient Egyptian funerary practice

Coffins From a practical perspective, ancient Egyptian coffins protected the corpse. This innately had a […]

Ancient Egyptian Funerary Practice: Soul House

Ancient Egypt elites provisioned their tombs with models of servants preparing food and other necessities. […]

Ancient Egyptian mummification

The aim of preservation was to transform the corpse into a sah, an eternal and […]

Ancient Egyptian personhood

Ka The most important non-physical aspect of a man was his ka, the entity through […]

Ancient Egyptian religion

Although both are arid and riverine, Mesopotamia (a region now called Iraq) both challenges and […]

Ancient Egyptian sun god

The sun god was essential for rebirth. The endless cycle of sunrise and sunset was […]

Ancient Egyptian symbols

The dead and living gained supernatural power and/or protected themselves by using amulets. Amulets gained […]

Execration texts

With origins in the Middle Kingdom (~1,900-1,700 BC; early 2nd millennium), execration texts were Egyptian […]

Mummy portrait

Mummy portraits tend be so lifelike that they make the viewer take pause, staring into […]


The god Osiris, ruler of the underworld, became famous as the central figure in a […]

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