Noted for the Amarna Letters. What these letters reveal is that Egypt controlled this region. […]

Avaris, تل الدابة Tell el-Dab'a

Amorite/Canaanite (Canaanites refer to Amorites coming from region of Canaan) center in eastern Delta. Capital […]

Egyptian terrain

دير البرشا Deir el-BershaTomb of Djehutyhotep and Tomb of Djehutynakht بني حسن Beni Hasanبني حس […]

Medinet Habu

Ramses III ruled during the early 12th century (Levantine Iron IA) and built a grand […]

Temple of Dendur

Temple ConstructionThe Temple of Dendur was on the west bank of the Nile, 50 miles […]

دير المدينة‎ Deir el-Medina

Deir el-Medina provides crystal-clear view of how an ancient population was transformed by education. Huge […]

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