Adhesion Molecules

Adhesion molecules are membrane proteins that form a link between the cytoskeleton inside a cell […]

Cellular structure

Most cells are between 10 and 100 micrometers. 1 micrometer is 10,000 angstrom units. Structural […]

Eukaryotic flagella and cilia

Length# Per CellMotion FlagellaLong; > 5µm1-2/cellWhiplike CiliaShort; <5µm100s/cellBreast stroke Axoneme (9+2 structure, MT bundle) is […]

Extracellular Matrix

The extracellular matrix is critical for many functions, including cell-cell signaling and tissue stability. The […]

Flagella Experiment

To determine which flagellar component was most important, the following experiment was performed. Cells are […]


Protoplasm is the fluid within plant and animal cells. The protoplasm surrounding the nucleus is […]

Surface Area to Volume Ratio

The surface area to volume ratio restricts cell size. Large cells have less surface relative […]

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