Developmental biology

Model organisms Invertebrate model organisms Nematode Drosophila Sea urchin Vertebrate model organisms Xenopus Chicken Zebrafish […]

Developmental biology studies

Practice studying Short answers 1 a Describe how you would identify most of the genes […]


All cells in the embryo contain the same genetic information from the zygote. All cells […]


An epithelium is an organized and polarized sheet of cells (the two sides are different). […]

Gene Control in Development

The development of an entire organ can be triggered by a single regulatory protein. Regulatory […]

Germ cell

Many species have special factors which commit certain embryonic cells to the germline. Flies, nematode […]

Homeotic transformation

In homeotic transformation, a normal body part is replaced by a body part which is […]

Hydatidiform moles

A hydatid cyst (also known as a mole) is a mass of placenta-derived cells resembling […]

Morphogen gradient

In a morphogen gradient, different concentrations of a substance specify different cell fates. A morphogen […]


For most diploid species, sex is determined by one of the homologous pair of sex […]

Sex determination

Where is the intermediate mesoderm and how does it form? The Primary Organizer dorsalizes the […]

Stem cell

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells able to take on various fates. They divide throughout the […]

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