Blastomere In Situ Hybridization

AntibodyAn antibody is formed to bind to a particular gene product. LabelThe antibody is labeled […]

Blastomere separation experiment

In blastomere separation experiments (aka blastomere isolation experiments) the cells of the early embryo are […]

Body Plan Determinants

Intrinsic (aka cytoplasmic) and extrinsic determinants coexist, as shown by two (respective) urchin blastula experiments. […]


Activated after fertilization, cleavage is a period of rapid mitosis that divides cells into a […]


At the 8-cell stage, the mammalian embryo undergoes compaction where the spherical and loose blastomeres […]


Fertilization is the union of a haploid sperm and haploid egg to form a single […]

Intrinsic determinants

Found in some eggs are intrinsic (aka ooplasmic, cytoplasmic) determinants, substances localized to particular regions […]

Maternal mRNA

The oocyte prepares massive quantities of mRNA by performing intensely synthesizing mRNA for a long […]

Midblastula transition

The midblastula transition (MBT) refers to a number of dramatic changes that occur at the […]

Nieuwkoop Center and Primary Organizer

In Xenopus, the Nieuwkoop Center is the most dorsal and vegetal region. The Nieuwkoop Center […]

Nuclear Transplantation Experiment

In the nuclear transplantation experiment, nuclei from a frog blastula, skin cell or gut epithelial […]

Somatic cell determinants

In the tunicate Styela, immediately after fertilization, different colored cytoplasms become localized to specific parts […]

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