Adenovirus Promoter Experiment

Promoters in E. coli were found using bacteriophages like λ and T7, which act very […]

Central dogma

The central dogma refers to the flow of genetic information: DNA →transcription→ RNA →translation→ Protein; […]


Telomerase What problem does the enzyme telomerase overcome? DNA replication requires an RNA primer to […]

RNA Polymerase

E. coli RNA Polymerase is α2ββ'ω there are three eukaryotic RNA Polymerases. Binding of the […]

RNA processing

Eukaryotes encode long precursor RNA transcripts, which are spliced, polyadenylated and capped to produce a […]

Sigma Factor

σ FactorSynonymOverview σ 32RpoHHeat Shock σ Factor. σ ERpoEExtracytoplasmic σ factor. σ 54RpoNNitrogen responsive σ […]


In transcription, a complementary RNA sequence is made from a strand of DNA. In other […]

Transcriptional control

Gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes is tightly controlled, mostly via transcriptional control whereby the […]


Translation is a process by which the nucleotide sequence of mRNA is converted into the […]

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