5' mRNA Cap

Part of RNA processing in eukaryotes is addition of the 5' mRNA Cap, which is […]

Alternative splicing

Humans3x109 base pairs~25,000 genes Fruit fly1.2x108 base pairs~13,600 genes Round worm9.7x107 base pairs~19,100 genes Bakers […]

Guide RNA (gRNA)

There are ~100 different known guide RNAs (aka gRNAs). There is one guide RNA per […]


Just as transcription initiation and capping are coupled, transcription termination and the 3’ cleavage and […]

RNA processing

Eukaryotes encode long precursor RNA transcripts, which are spliced, polyadenylated and capped to produce a […]

RNA splicing

Most metazoan genes have multiple exons that must be carefully excised (from the pre-mRNA) and […]

Self-Splicing Introns

Some mitochondrial, protist and archaeal genes have autocatalytic self-splicing introns (as opposed to nuclear spliceosome-dependent […]


The spliceosome is a hugely massive complex that catalyzes excision of introns and ligation of […]


Splice sites (exon-intron junctions) are located by comparing genomic DNA with the cDNA prepared from […]

Uridine Deletion/Insertion RNA Editing

CryptogeneA gene whose transcript is edited. Guide RNA(aka gRNA) A short 3'-uridylated RNA that can […]

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