Agarose gel

Agarose gel (aka agar) is a very firm jelly that is laced with nutrients to […]


An antibiotic is any chemical which inhibits microbial growth. Bleach is an antibiotic which completely […]

Binary fission

Prokaryotes use binary fission. Two cells arise from one. Cells elongate to twice their original […]

Flow cytometry

A flow cytometer can tell us a cell's size, granularity/complexity and its fluorescence intensity, relative […]

Focus Assay

The focus assay determines the ability of a virus to induce oncogenic transformation. The virus […]

Growth media

Minimal media consists of merely a carbon source and trace elements (P, S, K, Mg, […]

Host Cell Invasion Assay

Petri dish with host cells kanr Innoculate these with kans bacteria Incubate, & some cells […]

Isolation of a Microbe

Fundamentally, there are 4 ways to purify a culture so that it contains only only […]


Leukapheresis is a laboratory procedure in which white blood cells are separated from a sample […]

Stem cell enrichment

Stem cell enrichment is an experimental technique developed by Stanford's Dr. Weissman and his colleagues […]

Tissue Culture

There are two types of tissue cultures: primary cultures, derived directly from animal tissues; and […]

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