Diagnosing Infectious Disease

Assays to diagnose infectious disease must be: specific (no false positives or cross reactivity); and […]

Multi-Drug Resistant Protein

Multidrug resistant protein (MDR) is a ~170 kDa P-glycoprotein that confers drug resistance. It is […]


Pathogenesis is disease. Normal flora are part of host's normal microbial community. Primary pathogens infect […]


AnthroponosisDisease with humans as only vertebrate hosts. ZoonosisDisease transmitted among wild animals (reservoir hosts) and […]


Prion diseases, also known as transmissible spingiform encephalopathies, are a group of degenerative brain disease […]

Virulence Factor

Virulence factors are cellular properties which promote pathogenesis. Without these virulence factors, pathogenesis is attenuated […]

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