Animal viruses

Viruses have three major differences from bacteria: their genome organization, characteristic mode of replication, and […]


Interferon (IFN) is secreted by a virally infected cell, and induces an anti-viral state in […]

Phage lytic cycle

Virion coat proteins absorb to specific receptors on host cell surface. This give the virus […]

Viral DNA synthesis experiment

The viral DNA synthesis experiment determines when viral DNA synthesis begins. Infect cells, add 3H-thymidine. […]

Viral one-step growth

As with bacterial colonies, it is easy to screen for presence of a virus. When […]

Virion structure

The virion contains only a single type of nucleic acid, which can be either ds […]


Icosahedral RNA viruses Enveloped SS Togaviridae Flaviviridae Retroviridae Non-Enveloped SS Picornaviridae Caliciviridae Non-Enveloped DS Retroviridae […]

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