Action Potentials

Voltage is the tendency for electrically charged particles such as electrons or ions to move […]

Axonal pathfinding

An axon often has to navigate great distance to reach its target cell (ie, another […]

Cochlear hair cells

Cochlear Hair Cells are tuned to respond to different sound frequencies. These cells are arrayed […]

Nervous System

The nervous system has three levels of organization: LevelOverview NeuronAt the most simple level is […]

Neuroglia (glial cells)

All but one type of neuroglia (glial cells) are derived from same ectoderm that produces […]


Neurons cluster together to form ganglia. Usually, one ganglia is larger and more central than […]

Sensory System

All sensory pathways require a stimulus (eg light, sound, etc) and a sensory receptor. Each […]

Sodium/Potassium Pump

The Sodium/Potassium Pump puts Na+ outside the cell and K+ inside the cell. 3Na+ mols […]

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