Afghanistan War: Operation Moshtarak

Operation Moshtarak, meaning "together" in the Dari language, is the biggest coalition attack since the […]

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

At the March 1996 شورى shura the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was established. Its central […]

NATO Invasion and Occupation

Sarposa Prison Break2008 06 13In just 30 minutes, the Taliban attacked Sarposa and ~900 prisoners […]

Rise of تالبان Taliban Movement

Origins of طالبان Taliban 1994 11 25Taliban take control of two southern provinces, Lashkargarh and […]

افغانستان Afghanistan

Nadir Shah Assassinated1747Persian ruler Nadir Shah is assassinated at Khabushan. Durrani Elected1747Ahmed Khan was elected […]

افغانستان Afghanistan forces

حزب دموکرات های آزادیخواه افغانستانLiberal Democrat PartyFounded in Munich as the Freiheitliche Demokratische Partei Afghanistans […]

افغانستان Afghanistan languages

The 1964 Afghanistan Constitution names both Dari (an Afghan dialect of Farsi) and Pashto as […]

افغانستان Afghanistan populations

Ethnic Group Language Religion Overview PashtunPashtoHanafi SunniTuri are Shi'aBasic physical type: Mediterranean substock of Caucasoid […]

رباني Rabbani Government + Civil War

Anarchy and anomie of مجاهدين Mujahidin Civil War Mujaheddin Success1992 04Afghanistan and Kabul fall to […]

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