Anatolian Black Tents

Clockwise: carding wool on a wooden carding comb with iron spikes to clean the wool […]

Anatolian mythos

CybeleFertilityCybele, the mother goddess of fertility, was revered and worshipped in Antaolia from the Neolithic […]

Hittite king Hattusili I

Hattusili inherited the throne of Kussara in the 17th century BC, then rapidly defeated his […]


Old Hittite Kingdom Middle Hittite Kingdom Hittite Empire Shupiluliuma I ~1274 BCBattle of Khadesh Arrival […]


Founded in the 8th cent BC in the Sangarius Region, the Phrygian kingdom (750-546 BC) […]


Urartu (earlier, Uruatri or Biblical Ararat) was a powerful kingdom centered on Lake Van in […]

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