British Iron Age (c 700 BC - 43 CE) Iron-smelting heralded the dawn of the […]

David Hume

Birth in Edinburgh1711 University of EdinburghHume attended the University of Edinburgh but did not receive […]

English King James I

Like Charles I, English King James I disregarded Parliament's rights and liberties, acted illegally and […]


Knights were professional soldiers who served their lords. A knight did not necessarily come from […]

Meonstoke Building Facade

The Meonstoke Building Facade was constructed after AD 300, fell after AD 353 (sealing a […]

Osborne House

Osborne House. Image by L. M. Clancy. For their privately owned residence, Queen Victoria and […]

Plantagenet England

Edward I1272-1307Edward I concentrated his attention on centralizing English control against the Welsh and Scots […]

Sir Walter Raleigh

1552Born 1603The trial of Sir Walter Raleigh in 1603 was one of the last events […]


Before Humans5-6th Mill BCThe area was mixed pine and hazel woodland before becoming downland. MesolithicMesolithic […]

The English Revolution

The English Civil War (aka Great Rebellion and English Revolution) refers to the period between […]

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