Aram Damascus

Aram Damascus (late 12th century - 734 BC) was an Aramaean state near Damascus. It […]


At this time, Christianity was divided into two realms, the West (Europe) and the East […]

Domestication, agriculture and horticulture in the Levant

Trade presumedly drove much of the movement of domesticated animals and plants. Paleolithic PeriodMany goat […]


The Edomites entered Judah after the Assyrian conquest and exploited the territory. They suffered greatly […]

Herod the Great

Roman governance style was not to appoint a governor, but to find a middleman well […]


A member of the Sea Peoples, the Philistines heralded from Aegea -- possibly from the […]


Phoenicians inherited and carried on Canaanite traditions. IvoryThose at Megiddo show a strong Phoenician influence. […]

Pilgrim flasks

The technique of blowing glass into a mould is particularly associated with pilgrim flasks. The […]


The Davidic Kingdom divided in 931 BC (1 Kings 12–14,19; 2 Kings 17:21). Samaria was […]

Syro-Palestinian corridor in the 9th century BC

During the 9th century BC, Israel was under the reign of Ahab, and Judah was […]

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