Amorites were an ethnolinguistic group of Semites living west of the Euphrates. The English term […]

Ancient Mesopotamian tributary and oikos economies

The structure of ancient Mesopotamian economies is largely deduced by the answers to the following […]

Early Dynastic Period of Mesopotamia

The basic element of political organization of Babylonia in the Early Dynastic period was the […]

Kish tradition

The phrase Kish Tradition, though vague, represents its status somewhere between a Kish Civilization and […]


The largest group of Early Dynastic inscriptions comes from the southern state of Lagash, where […]

Lagash-Umma Border Conflict

According to Inscriptions, the chief god Enlil had demarcated the Lagash-Umma border in the gu'edena […]

Standard of Ur

The Standard of Ur is a hollow box and its original function is unknown. It […]

Stele of the Vultures

From the Early Dynastic era is the Stele of the Vultures, discovered at Ningirsu and […]

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