Atlas Shrugged characters

JohnGalt EddieWilersEddie Wilers is Taggart Transcontinental's Special Assistant to the Vice-President in Charge of Operation […]

Atlas Shrugged settings

Taggart TerminalNew York Taggart BuildingNew YorkAbove the Taggart terminal. A "place of competence and power" […]

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand began writing The Strike on January 1 1945, about a year after the […]

Balph Eubank

Balph Eubank believes that "plot is a primitive vulgarity in literature"; Dr. Pritchett contends that […]

Bertram Scudder

"When the masses are destitute and yet there are goods available, it's idiotic to expect […]

Claude Slagenhop

"Ideas are just hot air. An empty belly is a solid fact. I've said in […]

Dagny Taggart

[As a child] she took it as a regrettable accident, to be borne patiently for […]

Dan Conway

Dan Conway was approaching fifty. He had the square, stolid, stubborn face of a tough […]

Dr. Pritchett

What is man? He's just a collection of chemicals with delusions of grandeur ... A […]

Ellis Wyatt

He was young, tall and something about him suggested violence, but she could not say […]

Francisco d'Anconia

He had the vitality of a healthy human being, a thing so rare that no […]

Henry Rearden

The glare [of the first heat for the first order of Rearden Metal] cut a […]

James Taggart

The controlling stock of Taggart Transcontinental was left to James Taggart. He was thirty-four years […]

Mort Liddy

The black hole of a radio loudspeaker was hurling sounds at the streets. They were […]

Nathaniel Taggart

Nat Taggart's statue [in Taggart Terminal] was copied from an artist's sketch of him, the […]

National Alliance of Railroads

The National Alliance of Railroads was an organization formed, it was claimed, to protect the […]

Orren Boyle

Orren Boyle had appeared from nowhere, five years ago, and had since made the cover […]

Paul Larkin

Larkin sat hunched, looking up with his gentle, pleading eyes. His short, plumpish figure always […]

Philip Rearden

Regarding Philip Rearden's general appearance, Philip had always been in precarious health, though doctors had […]

Rearden Metal

There was no trace of sun in the gray spread of clouds, yet the rails […]

Richard Halley

Richard Halley is a "tall, emaciated man with graying hair" (p 68 s 141). His […]

Sebastián d'Anconia

Regarding Francisco d'Anconia's heritage, an ancestor named San Sebastián -- "one of Spain's proudest figures" […]

Taggart Transcontinental

Taggart Transcontinental. . . From Ocean to Ocean--the proud sologan. . . so much more […]

Wesley Mouch

[Rearden] knew that it was necessary to have a man to protect him from the […]

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