One of the native arts that most impressed the newcomers was "feather mosiac" (arte plumario […]


The Aztecs, a fierce warrior people notorious for their excessive practice of human sacrifice, dominated […]

Ex-convento San Miguel Arcángel, Huejotzingo

Mission of San Miguel is a Fortress monastery in Huejotzingo, a township in Pueblo. Franciscans […]

José Guadalupe Posada

José Guadalupe Posada was a Mexican engraver. He was born in 1852 in Aguascalientes and […]

La Venta

Earliest sign of an organized society was at La Venta, in modern-day Tabasco. Developed teosinte […]


The Maya area is south of the Mexican area. Although close to one another and […]

San Agustín, Acolman

There is an Aztec (Mixteca) glyph on the facade of the church representing the place […]

San Francisco de Asís, San Andrés Calpan

Church A Franciscan church about nine miles from Huejotzingo. Construction on the present complex began […]


Teotihuacan. Located in a wide-open, expansive basin with abundant space for monumental architecture. Aligned with […]


Largest Maya city, population about 70,000. Early Maya precedent for use and display of monumental […]


During much of the first millennium AD, artistic production was prolific in the Mexican state […]

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