State Street Bank Building State Street Bank Building State Street Bank Building 100 Federal St […]

Boston City Hall Plaza

Once known as Scollay Square, Boston's City Hall Plaza (aka Government Center) is an irregular […]

Boston Common

Since its establishment in the 17th century, the Common has served as a meeting ground […]

Boston's Irish Famine Memorial

There are several Irish Famine Memorial sculptures throughout Boston. Along the Freedom Trail is perhaps […]

Boston's Old City Hall

1635Site of the Boston Latin School, the nation's first public school and the oldest educational […]

Harvard Semitic Museum

Pillared House This pillared house is filled with ancient artifacts, as well as some replicas […]

John Ebenezer Hancock House (Number Ten Marshall Street)

1660Site for home of William Courser, first Town Crier of Boston. 1737Home of James Davenport, […]

King's Chapel

King's Chapel was designed by the first American architect, the self-taught man Peter Harrison. He […]

King's Chapel Burying Ground

1630Burying ground established at the outskirts of the new Puritan settlement. Called simply the burying […]

Union Oyster House

1771-1775Home of Isaiah Thomas, where he published the Massachusetts Spy. Louis Philippe, later King of […]

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