Chi-squared test

The Chi-squared test (or goodness of fit) is a test to determine if the observed […]

Data and Measurement

Qualitative (aka nominal) data is not numerical. This includes eye color, voting preference or if […]

Numerical Methods: Dispersion

RangeThis can either be presented by giving the minimum and maximum (ie, 100 to 150) […]

Numerical Methods: Location

Minimum (Min)The smallest value. Maximum (Max)The largest value. Population Mean (μ)Equivalent to (ΣX)/N. Sample Mean […]

Sample Variance

Computational formula for sample variance σ2 = [ Σ ( X2 ) - ( Σ […]


Sampling can be grouped as probability sampling or non-probability sampling. In probability sampling, every person […]


In statistics, we try to draw inferences about a population based on a sample, a […]

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