A Brief Expansion of Presidential Power

Industrialization At the end of the 19th century, the Presidency conformed to the designs and […]

Constitutional Presidential Duties & Powers

Article II of the Constitution defines the presidency. The president must be a U.S.-born citizen, […]

Evolution of Presidency

The Evolution of the Rhetorical Presidency (Jeffrey Tulis). Tullis examines the growth of the presidency […]

Executive Office of the President

The Executive Office of the President as well as the vice president help the president […]

Federal bureaucracy

There are 15 Executive Departments whose leaders are secretaries appointed by the President and approved […]

Methods of Exercising Presidential Power

Executive Orders Executive orders: presidential directives that create or modify laws and public policies, without […]

Signing Statements: Line Item Vetoes

Introduction The ability for a president to avoid saying yes or no to an entire […]

United States Presidency

Under the Articles of Confederation, the founders deliberately created a weak president. At the Constitutional […]

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