Babylonian exile

The Babylonian exile marks a turning point of the greatest significance in the history of […]

Zion theology

Zion Theology refers to religious attitudes by Israelites toward Jerusalem -- and how these attitudes […]

אַגָּדָה Aggadah

In the Palest. Talmud with weakening of the laryngal, 'Aggadah. It is universally recognized that […]

הלוח העברי ha'luach ha'ivri (Hebrew calendar)

Two months for the olive harvest, Two months for planting grain, Two months for late […]

הֲלָכָה‎ Halakah

The written תּוֹרָה Torah is at the center of הֲלָכָה‎ halakah. The nucleus of the […]

יְהוּדִים‎‎ Jews

Judaism's religious foundations are the תַּנַ"ךְ‎ Tanakh (Hebrew bible) and the Torah therein; the two […]

משנה Mishnah

There are six orders of the משנה Mishnah. There are six orders, containing a total […]

פֵּאָה Peyot

פֵּאָה Peyot are an iconic sign of Jewishness. The stiff, cylindrical coil of curls wagging […]

תַּלְמוּד Talmud

Talmud signifies (a) as an infinitival noun from the simple stem lamad ('to study'), 'studying, […]

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