FCP B96 F19

Letter from Howell C. Brown to Leonora Curtin, 1923/06/23

Friday afternoon the three bores all came to tea at the same time -- The Old House, Mrs. Sharp and The Count de Beaufort and his wife (?) [the question mark is curious] -- we always think it bad enough to have one but all three!!! The Count is Doctors pet bête-noire [archenemy] and he numbs him whenever he gets the chance, but it does no good. Mrs. Worshington was there. She is just the dearest little lady and we all like her so much.

Did Mrs. Fenyes write you that Benjamin and I made mother a present of a Nash Carriole? She is enjoying it immensely and we quite swagger with our expanse of plate glass and disk wheels. It was getting so that she often had to stay at home rather than go out in an open car"

My paper was out and I was too lazy to go down stairs for more. Hence the official stationary. Please remember to Mr. Parson and any other friends you may see. I have to smile at the name of your hotel "La Fonda Hotel" What a queer combination.

Letter from Francena M. Briggs to Leonora Curtin, 1932/12/30

Francena "Genie" M. Briggs was a relative of Rebecca Briggs Scott. The following are excerpts from her letters to Leonora Muse Curtin. She did not use periods in most of her letters, although her use of capitalization often implied where a period would normally go. Her New York City addresses included 2410 Davidson Avenue and 2446 University Avenue (FCP Archive B96 F19 February 2nd 1933).

I presume you think I am ungratefull [sic] not answering your very kind letter with Check also the nice Christmas gift many many thanks the Holidays was very lone some and sad my Sister Annie that live [sic] in New Rochelle Died about the twenty fifth of October suddenly of Angina Pectoris and hardening of the Arteries her husband was in Europe on business only as away two weeks when my sister pass on his daughter Cable to her father to come home he came right back my sister was Burned what a sad home coming for him his health is not good we always thought he would go first but it was not to be ...

Letter from Francena M. Briggs to Leonora Curtin, 1933/02/02

I know just how you miss your dear mother and I also miss her [she] was so good and kind to me I can assure you it is hard to lose dear ones

The estate check and your personal check both were received Thanks very very much for your personal check and also the other in reference to the #200 [#, not $] Doctor bill which you mention this amount includes all the expenses of my illness I was in the hospital nearly three weeks and while I was there I paid only for my board and medicines hypodermics and colonic irrgations [sic] Through my Rector Dr. Taylor the hospital Doctor did not charge me for medical attention Then when I got home I still had to have the Doctor and a visiting nurse come in to continue these colonic irrigations and hypodermics besides having someone in to look after me Everything is about paid up

My sister left no Will but had $500. in the bank for me which I am saving for my burial I get an income of $100 per month including you mother $25. which has to pay for all my expenses, my rent is $50 besdies my gas Electric light and telephone. I ned a phone being alone here I still have to buy my clothes and every other expense and do it with what money you give me and a gift from my brother in law for which I am very thankful to you both my sister always gave me #15.00 [#, not $] per month but that is stopped now Through this depression I have lost all my customers as well I dont like to mention all these things but you asked me to tell you so I am doing as you wish I do hope dear Leonora is better with her tooth please excuse this longe [sic] tiresome letter

[Then thereafter in a different script and in pencil not ink, presumably a note to Leonora]

I have read this but it does not seem to call for emergency help. I shall await word from you as to whether I am to send monthly checks and how much. M. E. N.

Crossed out 2410 Davidson Avenue, New York City as address on stationary; replaced with 2446 University Avenue, New York City.

Letter from Francena M. Briggs to Leonora Curtin, 1933/03/05

Dear Cousin:

Miss Briggs has a cold so am writing to say she has not received her usual Trust check. You told her to inform you if she did not get it in 3 or 4 days as it may have gone astray.

Hope to hear from you regarding this.

Trust you are feeling better than when you last wrote me.

Much love from Cousin Jenie to you back,


Cousin Jenie
Per M. Hobson

P.S. All the banks are closed here until next Tuesday

[Then thereafter in a different script and in pencil not ink, presumably a note to Leonora]

I wrote Miss Briggs on March 5th explaining that Estate checks might be late hereafter. Mr. U. wants to date them the date of decree (abt 15th) but I asked him to stretch a point for her which he said he would but banks closed following day.

M. E. N.

Letter from Francena M. Briggs to Leonora Curtin, 1933/10/01

Your most kind and welcome letter was received last Wednesday Oct 11th with many many thanks it was so kind of you to send me your usual Check I was trying not to use the money my sister left me for my burial things have gone up so I am sorry that you are having so much trouble with your Estate ... My Sister [sic] husband left for Europe Thursday evening he is having trouble also in regards to his gloves business his gloves comes [sic] from germany the people here are talking of boycott [sic] German goods ... I trust by this time that dear Leonora has recoved [sic] from the mumps I have thought of her and you also and wondered if dear Leonora is still in love with the young man that you had written to me in your other letter I trust some day she will find a nice husband Well what do you think about Hitler dont [sic] you think he is going to [sic] far with the Jews in Germany the Jews are given a play called the Romance of A People in the Army only a few blocks from where I am living over one thousand on stage I would like to see it but it cost so much they say it is beautiful the Army is pack [sic] to the doors We are also having a a great time over Election for Mayor we do not have a good man put up to run only a lot of crooks ... I want to thank you for all your kindness to me I was just thinking if you have any thing you are about to lay off will you think of me I will be very glad to get them I do hope you will not think I am asking to [sic] much ... PS Just received your mothers check many thanks

Letter from Francena M. Briggs to Leonora Curtin, 1941/07/21

My dear Cousin:

It was such a pleasure to hear from you again as I do think of you so often lying here in bed. I also thank you so much for your generous check and assure you I can make good use of it.

I am so sorry to know you are still bothered with neuritis, also wonder what your pain comes from and don't neglect a thing as you are still so young and have everything to life for including your lovely daughter

On July 14th my niece from New Rochelle moved me to the Sunny Rest Sanitarium hoping I would get better care and nourishing food. Thye only accommodate [sic] 15. I have a lovely room but do feel lonesome without my friends and relatives as I am much further away from them all.

In the Home for Incurables the nurses have so much to do they are unable to give the bed patients any care. I tried to get up on several occasions as I have bladder trouble and have had bad falls. I'd ring the bell so long I decided to get up. Then I had to buy most of my food as I couldn't eat what they did serve.

I am in bed all the time was only wheeled out on two occasions a month ago. My strength is failing all the time and I'm losing weight and I do get so discouraged as I feel I will never be well again.

In this Sanitarium I have to pay extra for all my medications and so far the meals haven't been any too god. The board is $30.00 per week - $5.00 more than the other places.

I would be so happy if I could only be up and around again.

Let me hear from you again when you have time to write me as your letters cheer me so much. I have read your letter so many times and enjoyed it so much.

With lots and lots of love to you and your daughter-

Affectionately yours,

Cousin Jenie

Sunny Rest Sanitarium
574 Palisade Avenue
Yonkers, N.Y.

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