FCP B96 F36: Letter from Teresa Cloud to Leonora Curtin, 1931/07/05

I hope you have a gorgeous summer there with your literati + your ologies + your painters + your expeditions + above all your own exciting work. ... I don't see Howell often. ... We've both been frightfully worried abut poor little Pat Allen. She seems to be an insolvable problem + her fundamental aloofness that you too know so well makes it very hard to help her. I think she has just been running down hill all winter + probably hasn't given herself sufficient nourishing food, as there she was alone + as sick as you can be + when I found her she had been in bed three weeks. Dick came out sometimes at night + there was a wonderful Mrs. Thorpe, a practical nurse who came out once or twice a week from Los Angeles where she was simply keeping house for a man whom she expects to marry some day when she has found time to go to Reno. But what are little things like that? I offered to pay her to stay with Pat all the time but she wouldn't leave her beau + finally she took Pat off to Los Angeles to stay with her for a while + I heaved a sigh of relief + thought all was well but it seems that only lasted two days + the poor child has been in the hospital all this time! Thought she was getting well with Mrs. Thorpe. Dr. Lockwood has been kindness itself to her + performed some very difficult operation somewhere in her intestinal tract + now she is home again + alone again + again facing life with nothing but piled up bills. She said her trouble was, as she had always thought, the result of an injury received thirteen years ago while ski-ing, aggravated by the heavy lifting of packing boxes she had to do at Grace Michaelson's. Of course her heart flutters about also in its own careless way but that wasn't the main trouble this time. ... Her Hal Wheeler seems to have faded out -- at least she never mentions him + she said the only people she wanted to see her in the hospital were Montalbaddi [??] + myself but the doctor didn't want her to see anyone. ... In the meantime Dick up + married his schoolteacher without even inviting her to the wedding. Some friend of her saw the item in the Santa Ana papers. Pat doesn't like the girl -- detests her -- but whether or not she is fair to her I don't know. She feels she married Dick without consulting [??]. They are now off on a fishing trip as a honeymoon + I didn't have the nerve to ask if this marriage had knocked the bottom out of her budget. She must have had something besides the house, which I know is your generous share, or how could she eat at all + have a telephone + water + light? I'm goign to suggest that again that she rent one of her rooms. She refused before because, she said, Dick couldn't visit her. Dick, it seems has a job as salesman for a milling company + is the greatest authority in the state on what to feed an ailing chicken. That strikes my funny bone way done deep. ... I feel you too care enough about Pat to want to know these wretched things.

Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo Archive, Box 96 and Folder 36
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