FCP B96 F39: Letter from Sofia A Cordova to Leonora Curtin, 1931/02/15

My dear Mrs. Curtin: I am sending this letter to Santa Fe in hopes that it will be sent to your new address, as for some time I have been wishing to write you this letter and I trust that you will forgive me for botheirng you, but I do it depending in your kindness. Well Mrs. Curtin, the object of my letter is to ask you for some suggestions, as to some things that I have been having on my mind. For the last two or three years, I have not had anything to do, and I have very often wished that I might be abel to get something to keep me busy and that might also be of help to me. For as you know, I have two dear boys that I must help and etc. and out here in this out the world small villages there is nothing that one ca find to do, except some teach school for a few months, but it is pretty hard to even do that. Some people, have suggested to me, that I might try and write some short stories about the ways some of the old people live here, or about their superstitions, beliefs and etc., and many times I have decided to try, but the trouble is that I just dont know how to go about it, or where to go for help or where I could get any chanse to get hem sold etc.. So after having thought the matter over for a long time, I decided to try my luck by writing to you, and if you can give me any ideas etc. I will certainly appreciate same, and maybe some day I will have the chance to reciprocate your kindness. Kindly keep my letter confidential, and when you can spare the time, please let me hear from oyu. Thanking you in advance, and assuring you that I will certainly appreciate any suggestions etc. that you may be able to give me, I remain. Sincerely yours.. Mrs. Sofia A. Cordova This letter was sent to Mrs. Curtin's New Mexico address. Perhaps Mrs. Cordova felt idle the day after Valentine's Day.

Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo Archive, Box 96 and Folder 39
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