FCP B96 F40: Letter from Kathleen Beale Crawford to Leonora Curtin

Kathleen Beale Crawford The Westbury Madison Avenue at Sixty-Ninth Street New York 21, New York
Mrs. Thomas Edouard Curtin 170 North Orange Grove Avenue Pasadena, California
Dear Mrs. Curtin, Your thought of me this Eastertide made me very happy and I do thank you for the beautiful card. Yes, what riches gather around these festal days as life goes on. My little family have had a great sorrow in the passing of our dear friend, Douglas Chander. You certainly saw the vision when you wanted him to paint George, but Douglas could not leave home, George would have made a wonderful portrait, which would now have been historic. His last portrait was of Queen Elizabeth, which is to hang in the British Embassy in Washington. I am sure you must have seen the photograph of it in Life Magazine, I can show it to George and Leonora when they are here. I regretted so much not seeing you when you were last here but there will always be another time I hope. Dear Ms. Curtin, I honestly try to eliminate my heart condition. With my ***ooked family, I have to be careful. With the pain I always try "For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of all thy wounds, said The Lord". I believe so much in prayer. With my near cardiac falure at Hawkins Pavillion, with prayer I was able to go to my grandson's graduation. I am not a Christian Scientist. My loved daughter has been to wonderful. Her husband, Colonel Full was a war casualty. We shall always be grateful to George for the moving pictures he took of the whole family one Christmas. Never shall I forget my daughter getting George and the children ready to go skiiing Christmas Day. My daughter is in the Real Estate business now in Washington and loves it. How blessed you and I are in our family life -- I certainly loved seeing the Christmas card of your four children, too perfect. I shall have to much to tell George and Leonora when I see them. How full of interest are their lives. With a special messages of love -- Affectionately Kathleen Beale Crawford
Fenyes-Curtin-Paloheimo Archive, Box 96 and Folder 40
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