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Letter from Caroline Culbert to Leonora Curtin, N.D.

I hope you had a good trip to Albuquerque with the Count, and none of you suffered with the cold. Was the exhibit, or rather, what of it was hung, very lonely?

Written on stationery marked Mrs. James Irving Culbert.

The only date marked is that the letter was written on a Monday.

Letter from Caroline Culbert to Leonora Curtin, 1934/01/31

Dear Mrs. Curtin,

I am writing at the desk in the blue room, looking out towards the Sangre de Christo [sic], and in spite of being a bit large and unwieldy, I am much content with life. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate Leonora's taking me in. I was dreading the long wait here in Santa Fé alone, but now I am enjoying it! It has meant so much to Mother, too, to feel that I am with friends. I suppose she is wasting a lot of good energy worrying over me, poor dear, and all the while I am disgustingly healthy! But very glad to be here instead of marooned in Taos, for though the proper date is Feb. 15, both Dr. Martin in Taos and Dr. Berchtuld [?] here tell me it can be any day now. So you see Leonora is a real friend in need. She is busy as a bee over the shop. I scarcely see her except at meal times. But she is engaging it all hugely, and I saw her look so swell. We are having the most marvelous Winter I ever knew. It is more like late October at its best. One hates to spend a minute of the time indoors. I do wish you were here to enjoy it, too -- though doubtless California is lonely this season.

Little Copper is a rigorous companion. My poor Osa is still in hospital, but will be all right, they say. I think I will leave him there, as my plans are so unsettled.

I had lunch with Grace Fairfax yesterday -- Leonora was too busy to join us. Grace is looking very well. I am so glad. In fact, except for you not being here, everything in Santa Fé is quite perfect. But we all miss you.

Affectionately Caroline

Written on stationery marked Mrs. James Irving Culbert.

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