FCP B96 F45

Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Devereux to Leonora Curtin, 1916/01/12

Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Devereux
announce the marriage of their daughter Dorothy
to Mrs. Fredrick John Curtin

Letter from Dorothy Curtin to Leonora Curtin, 1916/06/23

Stationery: Willowbrake on Sagaponack, L.I.
23/06/1916 160 N Orange Grove Pasadena CA
30/06/1916 231 Canyon Rd Santa Fe NM

Dear Leonora,

Being gardener, nurse and laundress does not leave much time for other occupations except sleep. But hard work agrees with me for I eat and sleep like a hired maid.

Jonny is perfectly fine, you could never believe he had been so ill. He is over three feet tall and weighs about 35 pounds. When I get a good such shot I shall send one.

We came down here the first week in May and I expect to stay put till I take Jonny up to Peru [Penn?] the end of August; then we stay there till I take Jonny south the end of October. The doctor says Jonny should stay away from the city for a year or two so I am going to Little Sapphor [sp?] Island near Savannah and help a friend of mine farm the Island. She is a widow also but with a grown family + grandchildren. I think they will all be there and we can just turn the children loose and push hats on them to tell them from the pigs and calves.

Joody is home and it is so nice having her here. She does not seem changed at all.

Henry has left the navy and like all good patriots he is pounding the pavement for a job.

Enos has gone back to San Domingo + the rest of the family are in Peru.

I am so discourage over June I don't know what to do. He just won't settle to doing anything, neither school nor work + he is not improving by the process.

Mother leaves this week for a trip west she is planning to come to Pasadena to see Mrs Wungor [sp?] so you may see her shortly after you get this. I think now she has us all home she finds it rather a houseful + is going off herself for a rest.

I do hope you will get east in October.

Your affectionate,

Dorothy D C

Letter from Dorothy Curtin to Leonora Curtin, 1919/11/10

1919/11/10 11:30AM (NY Grand Central)
126 East 24th Street
Mrs. T. E. Curtin
160 N. Orange Grove Ave

Dear Leonoras,

I am sorry you couldn't see how enchanted Jony was with his pony. He would not get off it even to go down the steps into the big room so there was quite a mixture of pony + Jony at the bottom but no serious damage done.

We left in the midst of a blizzard -- and Ersut [sp?] with his usual nonchalance didn't start very early so we missed our train and missed Joody. I threw myself on the mercy of the Craws and stayed there one night, coming down alone next day. It is the first time I have even traveled alone and I am still recovering from the strain.

I am now waiting to get passage on some sort of boat for Savannah. I hope to get off on the 17th if -- the dock strike stays settled + the dorm + Mr. Curtin + the other sisters are all having a chance to see their mother in peace + quiet!

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