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By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Lachish is capital of Assyrians in Judah. 2nd most important city of Judah. Highlighted in the conquest reliefs in Sennacherib's Palace at Nineveh. Has a fortified entrance. To enter, must take a winding curcuitous route. Site is impressively high. Reliefs at palace of Nineveh provide graphic reliefs of conquest and destruction wrought by Assyria.

Lachich I

An 8th century destruction leaving behind a great corpus (Assyrian destruction).

Lachish II

Destroyed in 586 around the time that Jerusalem is destroyed (Babylonian destruction).

Fosse Temple

Lachish Fosse Temple ivories British Museum
Ivory from Fosse Temple at Lachish, (LB II, ~1400 to ~1200 BC). May have been furniture inlay. Image © L M Clancy, 2010 01 27. British Museum, WA 132121


British Museum. The Lachish Collection. Link