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普通话: Activities and invitations

qing treat

我請你吃飯 / 我请你吃饭
wǒ qǐng nǐ chī fàn

请客 qingke
my treat

忙 máng and 事 shì (busy, business)

你明天有事嗎? / 你明天有事吗?
nǐ míngtiān yǒu shì ma?
(you tomorrow have affairs?)
你明天有沒有事? / 你明天有没有事?
nǐ míngtiān yǒu méi yǒu shì?
(you tomorrow have not have affairs?)
are you busy tomorrow?

電影 / 电影 dianying

常常 changchang

有意思 youyisi interesting

沒有意思 meiyouyisi

Bu hao yi si
Like when you did something wrong, like you disappointed, but you are not apologizing but responible for somebody's negative experience.

na gei wo yi bei cha ba

只 zhi = only
Goes before verb

介绍 jieshao
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