جميعت الإسلامي Islamic OrganizComments
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جميعت الإسلامي Islamic Organization

Rabbani and his associates were Islamic intellectuals, and though most of them were provincials -- not sophisticated Kabulis -- they were not regressive fundamentalists like the men of the next generation who would form the طالبان Taliban. They were familiar with the Western thought that had given rise to the level of modernization admired by سيد قطب Sayyid Qutb. They wanted to fashion a thoroughly modern political ethos upon the basis of Islam, capable of participating in the modern world and countering Western imperialism. When these men met at Professor Rabbani's house in 1973 to formalize this organization, later called the خميعت الإسلامي Islamic Organization, the group had a forward-thinking project in mind, though they put the murderous گلبدين Gulbuddin in charge of political activities.