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گلبدين حكمتيار Gulbuddin Hikmetyar

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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گلبدين حكمتيار Gulbuddin Hikmetyar is a Pashtun.

Early 70's

As a student at the American-sponsored Faculty of Engineering at Kabul University in the early 1970s, گلبدين حكمتيار Gulbuddin Hikmetyar distinguished himself as an extreme ideologue given to enforcing faith through violence. گلبدين Gulbuddin assaulted women students who appeared on campus in Western dress. Some report that he threw acid at their unveiled faces and at the legs of those who wore short skirts. According to an anonymous August 1 2002 interview with an American professor who taught گلبدين Gulbuddin in those days (published in Ann Jones' Kabul in Winter, p 20), "He's a psychopath. He should have been locked up then."


گلبدين Gulbuddin was briefly arrested early in 1973 for allegedly murdering a Maoist student; and that's why he had to miss the gathering of professors and students who met at the home of Professor Rabbani to form a شورى shura for the growing Islamic movement, later forming the Islamic Society.


When Daoud established the Republic of Afghanistan and began staging mass arrests of Islamists including of Niyazi, گلبدين Gulbudin, Rabbani and other Islamist leaders fled to Peshawar. گلبدين Gulbuddin appealed to Islamist Pashtun contacts in the Pakistani government and was soon named official liaison for all exiled Afghan Islamic parties.


گلبدين Gulbuddin breaks with Rabbani's خميعت الإسملامي Islamic Organization to start the far more radical الحزب الإسلامي Islamic Party. By the time the US stepped up secret aid to counteract the 1979 Soviet Invasion, گلبدين Gulbuddin and his الحزب الإسلامي Islamic Party was already the favorite of Pakistan's ISI.