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By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Eos and Astraios

Her mate was Astraios, son of the Titan Kreios and Pontus' daughter Eurybia. Together they produced the Anemoi, the personifications of the three main winds Boreas, Notos and Zephyros.

Eos and Tithonos

Her greatest mortal love would be Tithonos, song of King Laomedon on Troy, whom she carried off to her home in Ethiopia in the farthest east. She loved him so much that she had Zeus grant him immortality, but she forgot to ask that he might remain forever young. As time went by he grew older and older, slowly withering away to a dry husk, which yet could never die. While he still had his vigour he had two sons by Eos, Memnon and Emathian, who became kings, respectively, of Ethiopia and Arabia. March 2008, p 32