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Publishers must end. For the sake of learning, the old hierarchy must be eradicated.

Interesting excerpt that I now had to remove from my article on Hawler because it was so outdated, from about 2010: "There is an ATM at the Hotel Sheraton in Erbil -- some say it works, though I have not verified this. There are also two ATMs on Iskan street, just south of the Sheraton. Wakar Bank is said to work also, though it charges $5 USD per transaction. Also, Dar Es Salaam is said to work (it is 70% owned by HSBC) and that is close to the New City shopping center. Western Union remains the most reliable option, and there is one in the Sheraton and at the city Ibrahim Khalil near the border."

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Chinese curriculum
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When I took Mandarin 1, I used Integrated Chinese. It was clumsy and soulless. One problem stood out to me: the book did not teach me how to express my most fundamental feelings. The word love was absent. This may seem like a minor problem, but that is not all. There are broad structural issues as well. The book is littered with irritating watercolors that are de rigeur for language textbooks. And the grotesque price is shameless and shameful. When some students genuinely have trouble affording food, there are publishers seeking to monopolize learning markets with unamazing books at amazing prices.

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Today I began learning SVG in order to format a map of Hawler -- this is the format that I will use for all future maps as well. I believe that it will be extremely effective, dynamic and adaptable (unlike using Google Maps Engine, except as a reference point).

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