Five functional requisites of Comments
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Five functional requisites of society

A functional requisite is a major task a society must satisfy in order to survive. There are five functional requisites.
# Requisite Description
1 Replacing members Without this first requisite, the population would diminish through attrition and death. The society must perpetuate itself in sheer numbers.
2 Socialization New members must be socialized into the society, or else it will descend into chaos. Socialization can be achieved through religion, education and other institutions.
3 Production, distribution Goods and services must be generated, and disseminated through economic institutions.
4 Preserving order There must be a protection against internal and external attack. Police to patrol the streets and military to defend against invasion fulfill this requisite.
5 Purpose A sense of purpose brings people under the yoke of society, even if perpetuating the society requires personal restraint and even sacrifice. Without purpose, the society is destroyed by individual self-interest.