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Neolithic (7000-3900 BC)

The first inhabitants likely came from the Near East.

Culture Time Description
Khirokitia 7000-6000 BC Khirokitia Culture developed with the arrival of the first settlers.
Sotira 4600-4000 BC The Sotira Culture included the first handmade pottery in Cyprus.

Chalcolithic (4000-2500 BC)

Culture Time Description
Erimi Erimi Culture included the earliest metal objects in Cyprus.

Transitional (2600-2300 BC)

Culture Time Description
Philia Arrival of settlers from Anatolia.

Bronze Age (2300-1050 BC)

Period Time Description
Early Bronze Age 2300-1900 BC A wave of immigration came to Cyprus from the South Anatolian coasts.
Middle Bronze Age 1900-1650 BC Cypriot trade flourished with the East and the West.
Late Bronze Age 1650-1050 BC Cypriot-Egyptian, -Near Eastern and -Greek trading links were firmly established.
Greek Immigration 1100 BC A huge influx of Greek immigrants arrived, transforming Cypriot culture.

Iron Age (1050-650 BC)

Also known as the Geometric Period, the Iron Age was a recension for Cyprus.
Period Time Description
Phoenician Immigration Mid-9th century BC A Phoenician colony was founded, and a wave of Phoenician immigrants transformed Cypriot culture.

Archaic Period (750-475 BC)

The Archaic Period was an era of foreign rule.
Period Time Description
Assyria 709-669 BC Assyrians were the first of a series of powers to rule Cyprus after the first half of the Iron Age.
Egypt 570/60-545 BC
Persia 545-333 BC The Persians attacked Cypriot cities at 498 BC.

Classical Era (475-326 BC)

Evagoras I of Salamia (411-374/3 BC) rebelled against Persian rule.

Macedonian Rule (332 BC)

Cyprus was conquered by Alexander the Great.
Period Time Description
Greek Territory 294 BC Cyprus became a territory ruled by one of Alexander's generals, Ptolemy I of Egypt.
Cleopatra VII Rule 47-30 BC

Roman Rule (27 BC)

After first encountering the Romans in 58 BC, Cyprus became a Roman province in 27 BC.
Period Time Description
East Roman Rule AD 395 Cyprus fell under East Roman rule when the Roman Empire partitioned into the East Roman and West Roman Empires.