Iraqis in America

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Assyrians Wedded in Trinity

Took an Hour and a Half to Make Miss Mary Abo Reehan Mrs. N. Abo Samra.

Trinity Church had its first Assyrian wedding yesterday. The contracting parties were N. Abo Samra, an Assyrian merchant, of 74 West Street, and Mary Abo Reehan.

The bride, who is only seventeen years old, was attired in the conventional white dress and orange blossoms, and the groom wore a black frock coat and gray trousers. The Rev. Christopherus Jeberah, Archimandrite in the Greek Church, who has been in this country only a few weeks, tied the knot, and it took him an hour and a half to do it. Trinity Church was thronged with the friends of the bride and groom, and with many who were attracted by the novelty of the ceremonies.

The Rev. Mr. Joberah wore all his robes of office. Over a black gown he put on a long chasuble of white silk, embroidered with gold, and on his head he wore a high golden hat, which looked like a helmet of the time of the Crusaders.

The bridge was attended by a single bridesmaid, and there were no ushers. A choir of boys chanted responses to the priest's intoning, standing, with long wax candles in their hands, on the right side of the altar.

In the course of the ceremony, both bride and groom were crowned with flowers, and when the final words had been chanted, this were removed and thrown aside. The friends of the happy pair, who sat in the pews of the church, held lighted candles in their hands during the services. When it was ended, the candles were extinguished and carried away as mementos.

The service was conducted entirely in the Greek language. At its close, the newly-wedded pair entered a carriage and were driven away without the usual accompaniment of rice and old slippers.

NY Times, 1893 May 08