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San Agustín, Acolman

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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There is an Aztec (Mixteca) glyph on the facade of the church representing the place name. Aztecs combind pictograms to create a phonetic rendering of place names. Acolman was represented by the arm of the first man crownded by water. The naturalistic arm has musculature, a rendering from the artistic style of the Renaissance. From the arm emanates wavy lines terminating in sea shells.


Most highly decorated area of the modest church is the Plateresque porch with its heavily framed door. The variety and zest of the tequitqui carving holds the design together. Angels and emblems have a viogorus and muscular from.

The ornate cartouche (shield) depicts the five wounds of Christ, and is presented by two oversized angels with dynamic, flying draperies.

Columns rise up to both side of the porch with flowering capitals and escudos of the stigmate.

St Andrew, patron saint of the monastery, embraces an x-shaped cross from his martyrdom, surrounded by a looped Franciscan cord with penitential knots.