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Peter Lombard

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Birth in ItalyAD 1095Lombard was born in Italy.
Residence in France1136By this time, Lombard was living in northern France where there was a concentration of Bible studiers focusing on using logic as a tool to deal with some of the puzzles presented by reading the Bible. Lombard was among them, focused on glossing. He also studied with the most famous theologian and logician of his age, Peter Abelard.
Teacher in Paris1144Lombard became a theology teacher in Paris at Notre Dame.
Gloss1148Lombard released his famous gloss on the Epistles, the letters of the New Testament. He was recording the conflict between past church authorities about the Biblical text's meaning.
1150Lombard found a Latin translation of John of Damascus' Fountain of Knowledge.
Book of Sentences1154Lombard released his masterpiece, which became the Latin west's primary theological text from his won era all the way through the 18th century.
Bishop of ParisLombard became Bishop of Paris.