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By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Before Humans5-6th Mill BCThe area was mixed pine and hazel woodland before becoming downland.
MesolithicMesolithic stone pits were discovered at the far end of the car park.
Circular Ditch3050 BCCircular ditch and bank (a henge)
Wooden Structure2600 BCWooden structure constructed at center.
Stone Monument2500-1500 BCStoe monument constructed, arranged and re-arranged over ~1,000 years.
Saren StonesCircle of larger stones with lintels. Brought from Marlborough Downs 19 miles away.
BluestonesCircle of inner smaller stones from Preseli Mountains in Wales 240 miles away.
Heel Stone
Slaughter Stone
Station Stone
Slaughter Stone
South Barrow
North Barrow
Station Stone
Circular Ditch & Bank