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alQaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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"Nasir al-Wuhayshi is running AQAP as a parallel organization, in that Wahishi has command and control of people who swear an oath of allegiance to him, in much the same way that they used to for Osama bin Laden," says Mr. Johnsen. "In terms of the day-to-day operations, I don't see it having a very big impact." link


More recently, AQAP has targeted American soil twice in as many years. Both the failed parcel bomb plot of 2010 and the 2009 Christmas Day bomb plot originated in Yemen, where the group is now led by Nasir al-Wuhayshi, a former Guantanamo Bay inmate who for years acted as secretary to Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Saleh-US Anti-Terrorism


"The US has cultivated Saleh as an ally in the fight against Al Qaeda, more than doubling its military aid to $150 million last year." (link)

Death of Osama

Response to the terrorist leader’s death has been remarkably muted in Yemen, Bin Laden’s ancestral homeland, which has been gripped by intensifying protests for the past three months. “The death of Osama bin Laden doesn’t mean anything to us,” said Hossam Logham, a protester in Sanaa’s Change Square. “It’s not going to have an effect on Yemeni people and it won’t affect Al Qaeda in Yemen.” Many on the streets of the capital were not even aware of the American raid that killed the world’s most wanted terrorist. (link)