End of Monarchy, Kurdish War &Comments
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End of Monarchy, Kurdish War & Ba'athist Coup

Republic of Iraq1958 JulyA military coup d'état occurs in Baghdad. The monarchy is overthrown. The Republic of Iraq is established. Brigadier 'Abd al-Karim Qasim becomes prime minister, minister of defense and commander in chief.
Agrarian Reform Law1958 September
Mustafa Barzani1959 OctoberMustafa Barazni asserts control of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).
Baghdad Pact Withdrawal1959 DecemberIraq withdraws from Baghdad Pact.
Kuwait Independence1961 JuneKuwait gains independence. Iraqi Prime Minister Qasim demands its integration into Iraq. Great Britain sends troops to Kuwait, replaced by Arab League force in August.
Kurdish Demand1961 JulyFighting erupts in Kurdistan between Brazani's forces the Iraqi army.
Law 80 Reclamation1961 DecemberLaw 80 reclaims unexploited areas of IPC's concession.
MIlitary Coup d'État1963 FebruaryMilitary coup d'état led by Ba'this and Arab nationalist officers. Iraqi Prime Minister Qasim and his colleagues killed.
Ba'th Disorder1963/10-11Splits and confusion in the Ba'th.
Ba'thists Ejected1963 NovemberPresident 'Abd al-Salam 'Arif and military allies eject Ba'thists from power.
Nationalizations1964 JulyNationalization of all banks, insurance companies and large industrial firms. Further land reform.
More Kurd Uprising1964 OctoberKurdish autonomy talks break down and fighting resumes.
Kurdistan War1965 AprilFull-scale war erupts in Kurdistan.
Prime Minister al-Bazzaz1965 September'Abd al-Rahman al-Bazzaz appointed as prime minister.
President 'Arif Dies1966 AprilIraqi President 'Abd al-Salam 'Arif dies in helicopter crash.
President 'Arif Succeeds1966 April'Abd al-Rahman 'Arif, brother of former President al-Salam 'Arif, becomes president.
Kurd Autonomy Program1966 JulyBarzani accepts al-Bazzaz's twelve-point program on Kurdish autonomy.
al-Bazzaz Dismissed1966 AugustIraqi Prime Minister al-Bazzaz is dismissed by President 'Arif.
War with Israel1967 JuneIraq goes to war with Israel. Israel sends token force to Jordan.
Military Coup d'État1968/07/17Arab nationalist and Ba'this army officers stage a coup d'état. President 'Arif is sent into exile.
President al-BakrAhmad Hasan al-Bakr becomes president.


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