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San Francisco de Asís, San Andrés Calpan

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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A Franciscan church about nine miles from Huejotzingo. Construction on the present complex began c 1548. Its a Franciscan church has a Plateresque-style carved west portal. Otherwise it is quite plain. The building is tall, perhaps Gothic in feeling.



All four of the original posas are intact and in excellent condition: they are the most elaborately decorated posas in Mexico and are outstanding examples of tequitqui sculpture. Perhaps the skilled craftsmen of nearby Huejotzingo carved these reliefs. Less European supervision in this era resulted in a more distinct indigenous flavor.

One of the posas shows the Last Judgment, based on the Flos Sanctorum, a 1521 engraving by Pedro de la Vega. A small print of this engraving would have been used by the indigenous artisans to carve the decoration in the alfiz of the posa. The facade is framed by carved bands of hearts, shells and foliage.