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Hammurabi's Old Babylonian era

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Sumu-abum1894 - 1881
Sumu-la-el~1880 - 1845
Sabium1844 - 1831
Apil-Sin~1830 - 1813
Sin-muballit1812 - 1793

During the early Old Babylonian period, Babylon was a bit player, playing off allegiances between stronger rivals like Larsa's king Rim-Sin and Assyrian king Shamshi-Adad. For most Babylonian kings before Hammurabi, we have little data beyond year names and these largely focused on domestic accomplishments like building temples.

By the time Hammurabi ascended to the throne, Babylon was still an ally of the more major players, and his early military conquests were accomplished under their banner.

Hammurabi1792 - 1750 BC
Samsuiluna1750 - ? BC
Rebellion in South~1740 BC by his tenth or eleventh year cities in south Babylonia stopped using his year names, and by his thirteenth year Nippur and other middle Babylonian cities followed suit.
Sack of Babylon1595 BCHittite king Mursili I sacked Babylon in 1595, ending Hammurabi's dynasty of Amorites. Ancient social and political structures vanished and deurbanization until a tribe calling themselves the Kassites seized the throne at an unknown date.