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Political party techniques

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Political parties use various methods to accomplish their objectives.

Below, these methods are examined in closer detail.

Recruiting Candidates

Political parties recruit candidates for public office under the party label. Parties seek candidates loyal to party values. By choosing who its politicians are, a political party essentially turns itself into a brand name that connotes certain ideologies. If this polished and specific image loses its meaning, the party's chances of winning are diminished.

Congress Leadership

The majority party holds all leadership positions in Congress. Every single committee and subcommittee's chairperson is a member of the majority party, and all major leadership positions -- Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader et al -- are also held by the majority party. In this way, the majority party coordinates and sets Congressional priorities and agendas.

Selectorate & Electorate

Parties organize & coordinate activities in the selectorate and electorate. Parties set own rules. THey set days, times, when, how, everything. They set the rules for elections such as a) Timing and b) Inclusiveness.

Parties simplify the choice among candidates. In most elections, multiple choices of candidates, office. Without party labels, voters must examine each candidate which Requires a lot of time, energy. Learning a lot about each candidate for one office does nothingto help decide other offices. With party labels, voters can examine the party’s platform which requires less time, energy (i.e., examine party platforms). Knowledge of party platforms does help decide ALL other offices

Political parties make it easier to hold leaders accountable.

Suppose you voted on an individual basis with a split ticket, then who do you blame? Hm. It is easier to vote "All Democrats/Republicans" out of office.

  1. If decision is on a person by person basis: Easy or Difficult? Difficult.

  2. If decision is on the basis of political party: Easy or Difficult? Easy.