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Saint George the Great

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Lived 3rd cent

Rank and group: Martyr

Feast day: 23 April

Patron saint: England, Aragon, Portugal,
Germany, Genoa, Venice, Ferrara,
soldiers, armorers, archers

Attributes: Dragon, red cross banner,
princess, often mounted on horse

Status: Roman Martyrology

Little fact is known about George's life, other than he was martyred, likely under Diocletian, and that his remains are interred at the Levantine city of Lod. He is venerated throughout the Catholic and Orthodox worlds, universally as a model of knighthood and avenger of women. The Crusaders escalated his veneration in the west, and in the east he is one fo the fourteen Holy Helpers. His veneration as protector of England was officially approved by Pope Benedict XIV.

Slaying the Dragon

When Saint George encountered a city in mourning, he discovered that it was due to the sacrifice of a young maiden to a dragon who demanded this tribute to spare the city. The young maiden this time was the lovely princess. George killed the dragon.


Saint George was tortured repeatedly before being decapitated when he refused the Emperor's commands to convert from Christianity.