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Tower of London

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Construction begins


William the Conqueror began construction in 1075-9 of a stone tower so impressive that it is still called the Tower today. The fortress was built on the river in the south east of the ancient Roman city in order to control Londoners and deter invaders.

Construction completed


William the Conqueror's son William Rufus completed the tower by 1100. His fortress and royal quarters dominated the city and demonstrated the Norman dynasty's lordship over the land. The tower was protected on two sides by the Roman wall. A new ditch, an earthwork and a timber rampart were built to surround the north and west sides.



Henry III expanded the castle beyond the Roman city boundary, ringing it with a new wall and whitewashing the Norman tower. He also built a magnificant western entrance which collapsed the following year; Londoners rejoiced, believing this collapse was divine retribution due to a rumor that hte castle had dungeons filled with Henry III's enemies.


1841 10 31

A fire in a gun workshop spread to and obliterated the Grand Storehouse, and also damaged Henry III's 13th-century outer wall.

Grand Storehouse


The Grand Storehouse stored and displayed weaponry and after being destroyed was replaced by the Waterloo Barracks.

Waterloo Barracks


Waterloo Barracks built to replace the Grand Storehouse.