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Biblical timeline of Ancient Israel

By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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Dates based on 480 years before completion of temple in Jerusalem in 967 BC.

1877 BCExodus 12:41Isaelites enter Egypt and sojourn begins.
1447 BC1 Kings 6:1Israelite exodus.
1447-1407 BC40 years (one generation) of wandering.
1,407 BCEntry into promised land.
1407-? BCJoshuaConquest during life of Joshua.
Days of JudgesThe religious center is Shiloh, where the ark resided.
1350-? BCJudgesPeriod of the judges.
Days of SamuelThe religious centers were Bethel, Mizpah, and Gilgal, which were part of priestly circuit (I Samuel 7:3–17).
?-1007 BCSaul establishes a monarchy and rules in Gibeah.
Saul's son Jonathan has a victory over the Philistines at Michmash.
1007-1000 BC1 Kings 2:10David rules in Hebron.
1000 BCDavid takes Jerusalem.
DavidThe religious center becomes Jerusalem, once David conquered it and Solomon built the temple (I Kings 6).
970 BCSolomon becomes king of Israel.
967 BC1 Kings 6:1Solomon starts construction of temple.
930 BC1 Kings 12-14Jeroboam leads coup d'etat at Shechem against cruel king Solomon's even crueller son Rehoboam. This splits the kingdom, with Jeroboam leading the north (retaining the name of Israel, containing 10 tribes) and Rehoboam leading the south (assuming the name Judah, containing the remaining 2 tribes of Judah and Benjamin).