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By Levi Clancy for Student Reader on

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MigrationAD 409The Vandals, Alans, Suevi and other peoples migrated from central Europe to the Roman province of Hispania (modern Spain and Portugal). In Hispania, they came into conflict with the Visigoths, who were allied to the Roman army.
Visigoths in GaulAD 418-9The Romans rewarded the Visigoths with lands in southwest Gaul. Visigothic jewelry originated in the south Russian steppes, but they were assimilated into Mediterranean culture by the time of their conversion from Arianism to Catholicism in AD 589. This included a Byzantine influence.
Vandals and Alans in North AfricaAD 429The Vandals and Alans were forced to cross over to North Africa in AD 429. They ruled harshly over the inhabitants of the African province. They seized Carthage, making it a base for piracy in the Mediterranean.
Vandals and Alans Sack RomeAD 455The Vandals and Alans sacked Rome.
Visigoth ExpansionAfter the fall of Rome in the fifth century, the Visigoths extended their settlement into Hispania.
Visigoths Expelled from GaulAD 507The Franks expelled the Visigoths from Gaul in AD 507.
Vandal and Alan CollapseAD 534The Vandals and Alans were conquered by the Byzantine army. This army included Germanic mercenaries, as revealed by belt fittings found in the eastern Mediterranean.
Visigoths Become CatholicAD 589
Visigoth CollapseAD 711The Visigoths retained control of Hispania until AD 711.